Hi, I'm Yuyu

Cyber Security Student, Lifelong learner, Team player

About Me

A Cyber Security student and former interpreter, skilled in network configuration and security implementation. Passionate about continuous learning and problem-solving, with experience in facilitating communication in stressful circumstances.


My Web Development Work


Souvlaki is a food store e-commerce site built with Node.js. It includes a landing page with responsive layout, an order page and a shopping cart using browser localStorage.

Technologies used: HTML - CSS - VanillaJS - Node.js - Express - EJS

souvlaki app screenshot
portfolio screenshot


This is my personal website built with Vanilla Javascript.

Technologies used: HTML - CSS - VanillaJS

Tenzi Game

Tenzi is a roll dice game built with React Hooks. It was an exercise from Learn React for Free course (by Bob Ziroll) and I added some extra features. Roll until all dice are the same. Click each die to freeze it at its current value between rolls.

Technologies used: React - HTML - CSS

tenzi game screenshot

Get in Touch

Feel free to send me a message if you'd like to talk or work with me!